1.4.3 Institutional

Institutional facilities include those from institutions such as hospitals, prisons, schools and rest homes. Table1.9 shows wastewater production from these and other institutional facilities. Again, note the scheme of normalization: per employee, per customer, per seat, per meal served, etc.

1.4.4 Recreational

Most wastewaters from recreational facilities use are seasonal. Although strictly commercial, because of their seasonal nature, wastewaters from these facilities are given special classification; they are wastewaters resulting from recreational use. Examples are those coming from resort apartments, resort cabins, resort cafeteria, resort hotels, resort stores, visitor centers, campgrounds, swimming pools in resort areas, etc. An example of the seasonal nature of recreational wastewaters is the case of Ocean City, Maryland—a resort town. During summer periods, the wastewater treatment plant is "bursting at the seams;" however, during winter periods, the flow to the treatment plant is very small.

Wastewaters may also be produced from recreational use but on a year-round basis. Hotels and motels in Florida and the Philippines, for example, are not seasonal. They provide year-round services. Wastewaters in these places are best classified as commercial. Hotels in Ocean City are definitely seasonal; thus, their wastewaters are recreational. Table1.10 shows wastewater production resulting from recreational use.

1.4.5 Industrial

The production of industrial wastewaters depends upon the type of processes involved. Table 1.11 shows industrial wastewater productions in some industrial processes.

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