This equation needs only two data points of ln (uF) and ln (-AP) to determine the constants amo and 5. Assuming there are a total of n experimental data points and using the first l data points for the first equation, the last n - l data points for the second equation, and using the techniques of analytic geometry, the following equations are produced:

Example 8.3 The feedwater to an RO unit contains 3,000 mg/L of NaCl, 300 mg/L of CaCl2, and 400 mg/L of MgSO4. The membrane used is cellulose acetate and the results of a certain study are shown below. What will the flux be if the pressure applied is increased to 4826.31 kPag? Assume that for the given concentrations the osmotic pressures are NaCl = 235.80 kPa, CaCl2 = 17.17 kPa, and MgSO4 = 9.93 kPa. Also, assume the temperature during the experiment is 25°C.

1723.68 0.123

4136.84 0.187


-amo(-AP) -amo s = 1 lZn+-ln—F)-(n-l )! 1ln (-F )

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