FIGURE 7.9 Sieve analysis of run-of-bank sand.

filter sand. Letting p3 be the percentage of the stock sand that is transformed into the final filter sand,

Of this p3, by definition, 10% must be the P10 of the final sand. Therefore, if p4 is the percentage of the stock sand that is too fine to be usable,

The plot in the figure shows an increasing percentage as the size of separation increases, so the sum of p4 and p3 must represent the percentage of the sample stock sand above which the sand is too coarse to be usable. Letting p5 be this percentage, p5 = p4 + V3

Now, to convert a run-of-bank stock sand into a usable sand, an experimental curve such as Figure 7.9 is entered to determine the size of separation corresponding to p4 and p5. Having determined these sizes, the stock sand is washed in a sand washer that rejects the unwanted sand. The washer is essentially an upflow settling

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