9.24 An activated sludge reactor is aerated using a turbine aerator. The [Cos] corresponding to the dissolution pressure is 9.2 mg/L and the prevailing barometric pressure is 761 mm Hg. The water temperature is 20°C and the depth of submergence is 5.5 m. Using the calculated value of the pressuring pressure and using a value of 8.6 for [Cos,sp], calculate the standard pressure Ps.

9.25 An experiment to determine the overall mass transfer coefficient of a tap water is performed using a settling column 4 m in height. The result of the unsteady state aeration test is shown below. The experiment is performed in Allegheny County, MD. For practical purposes, assume mass density of water = 1000 kg/m . Assume an ambient temperature of 28°C. Calculate (KLa)20.

Tap Water at 5.5°C

Time (min)

[C] ,(mg/L)

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