provided at a rate of 1.12 m per m of water treated and that the detention time of the tank is 2.2 min. Calculate the pressure at which air is forced into the diffuser. Assume barometric pressure as 101,300 N/m , the depth from the surface to the diffuser as 2 m, and the temperature of water as 25°C.


6.28 = Qo( 2.2) Qo = 2.85 m3/min = 0.047 m3/sec of water inflow therefore,

Q = 1.12(0.047) = 0.053 m3/s mmA^ f 101,300+ 2(997)(9.81) 1 _ 8 2 ,

3.24(746) = Pi(0.053)In<-101 300 -- I = 258,300.8 N/m abs

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