In Equation (15.88), the theoretical limit of »n may be approached when 6cn approaches infinity. At this limiting condition, »n is equal to kdn. Combining this condition with Equation (15.83) and Eqs. (15.84) through (15.86) and solving for [Snh ], the limit concentration [SNH im] is k 100.051r-1.158

15.10.4 Denitrification Kinetics

In denitrification, the parameters that can limit the kinetics are the concentrations of the carbon source [Sc] and the nitrate nitrogen [ SNO ]. The Monod equation may be written as

where »dn is the specific growth rate, »dnm is the maximum »dn, SNO3 is the concentration of nitrate nitrogen, KsNO is the half-velocity constant for denitrification of nitrates, [Sc] is the concentration of the carbon source, and Ksc is the half-velocity constant for the carbon source. Values for »dnm range from 0.3 to 0.9 per day, those for KsNO range from 0.06 to 0.14 mg/L, and those for Ksc range from 25-100 mg/L as BOD53 (Mandt and Bell, 1982).

By analogy with nitrification kinetics,

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