Example 9.3 A civil engineer performs an experiment for the purpose of determining the value of a of a particular wastewater. (KLa)20 and (KLa)w20 were found, respectively, to be 2.46 per hour and 2.25 per hour. Calculate a.


9.5.2 Determination of Aeration Parameters

The environmental engineer specifies an aeration equipment based upon standard laboratory tests performed by equipment manufacturers. In other words, although the engineer can easily determine the AOR, AOR must still be converted to SOR to match with the standard manufacturers value. To perform this conversion, the a and 3 parameters must be determined.

Determination of ¡3. The determination of 3 is very simple. Take a liter jar and fill it half with the sample. The jar is then vigorously shaken to saturate the sample with air or oxygen and the dissolved oxygen concentration measured. Table 9.1 shows the saturated concentrations of dissolved oxygen in clean water exposed to one atmosphere barometric pressure at various temperatures. From this table, at the temperature corresponding to the temperature of the experiment, the saturation DO for clean water at one atmosphere barometric pressure can be obtained. This concentration is [Cos]. From this, along with the saturation DO of the sample determined in the experiment [Cos,w], ¡3 may be calculated as

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