Parshall flume between any point upstream of the flume and its throat, Equation (3.7) will also be obtained, namely:

H may be replaced by Ha, the water surface elevation above flume floor level in the converging zone, and L may also be replaced by W, the throat width. Using a coefficient K, as was done with rectangular weirs, and making the replacements produce

The value of K may be obtained from Figure 3.7 (Roberson et al., 1988). All units should be in MKS (meter-kilogram-second) system.

This equation applies only if the flow is not submerged. Notice in Figure 3.6 that there are two measuring points for water surface elevations: one is labeled Ha, in the converging zone, and the other is labeled Hb, in the throat. These points actually measure the elevations Ha and Hb. The submergence criterion is given by the ratio Hb/Ha. If these ratio is greater than 0.70, then the flume is considered to be submerged and the equation does not apply.

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