XL In [ C m 1X In [ C

Neglect tests 6 and 7, because the additional values of 0.06's would not conform to the Langmuir equation.

Test No. PAC Added M (g) [C] (mg/L) In [C] X/M In X/M

a 0.076 = (25 -6)(1) / 0.25(1000); other values in the column are computed similarly.

¿Z;+1/n[C]-(m-/)Z1/n[C] = 3(0.09 + 0.06) - 2 (6.0 + 1.0 + 0.25) I(Xm+1 In §- (m -1)X 1 In $ 0.45 -14.5

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