Active zone—A segment of exchanger bed engaged in exchanging ions. Anion exchange bed material—Exchanges anions in solution for the anions in the bed.

Cation exchange bed material—Exchanges cations in solution for the cations in the bed.

Displacement series—A table of ions indicating that ions at the top of the table can displace ions below them in the table. Exchange capacity—The ultimate quantity of ions that an ion exchanger can remove from solution. Hydrogen cycle—A mode of operation of anion exchangers in which regeneration is done using acid. Ion exchange—The displacement of one ion by another. Sodium cycle —A mode of operation of cation exchangers in which regeneration is done using NaCl.

Synthetic resins—Insoluble polymers to which are added, by certain chemical reactions, acidic and basic groups called functional groups. Zeolites—Natural and synthetic alumino silicates.

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