This book is divided into four general parts and addresses important topics on the physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater. The "first" part is titled Background Prerequisites. Its contents are not really physical-chemical treatment but just background knowledge to comfortably understand the method of approach used in the book. This book is analytical and therefore requires the use of pertinent chemistry, mathematics, and fluid mechanics. Relevant prerequisite topics are discussed in this part.

Part I, Characteristics of Water and Wastewater, covers the chapters on quantity and constituent physical and chemical characteristics of water and wastewater. Part II, Unit Operations of Water and Wastewater Treatment, includes the chapters on flow measurements and flow and quality equalization; pumping; screening, sedimentation, and flotation; mixing and flocculation; conventional filtration; advanced filtration and carbon adsorption; and aeration and stripping. Part III, Unit Processes of Water and Wastewater Treatment, includes the chapters on coagulation; water softening; chemical stabilization; removal of iron and manganese; removal of phosphorus; removal of nitrogen by nitrification-denitrification; ion exchange; and disinfection. Removal of nitrogen by nitrification-denitrification, on the surface, is a biological process. To control the process, however, its intrinsic chemical reactions must be unraveled and totally understood. The treatment (as used in this textbook) therefore turns toward being chemical in nature. The organisms only serve as mediators (i.e., the producer of enzymes needed for the reaction). Thus, on the most fundamental level, nitrogen removal by nitrification-denitrification is a chemical process (more, accurately, a biochemical process), which is subsequently included as a chapter in Part III of this book.

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