(CH2CHN)n-CH2-CH2-N ' NS-100 structure 1

In this reaction, the H bonded to the N of the n repeating units of polyethylene amine [(-CH2CH2NH)n-] moves to the N of tolylene diisocyanate [-N=C=O] destroying the double bond between N and C. The C of the carboxyl group [=C=O] of tolylene diisocyanate then bonds with the N of the amine. The reaction above simply shows two of the tolylene molecules participating in the reaction, but in reality, there will be millions of them performing the reaction of H moving and the C of the carboxyl group of the tolylene bonding with the N of the amine and so on. The final structure is a mesh of cross-linked assembly, thus creating molecular pores.

As indicated in the NS-100 product, a closed loop structure is formed. The ethylene repeating units [-CH2CH2-] form the backbone of the membrane, and the benzene rings @ form the cross-linking mechanism that tie together the ethylene backbones forming the closed loop. The ethylene units and the benzene rings are

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