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Water Freedom System

Survive Global Water Shortages

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Appendix 1 Density and Viscosity of Water

Appendix 2 Atomic Masses of the Elements Based on C-12

Appendix 3 Saturation Values of Dissolved Oxygen Exposed to Saturated Atmosphere at One Atmosphere Pressure at Given Temperatures

Appendix 4 SDWA Acronyms

Appendix 5 Sample Drinking Water VOCs

Appendix 6 Sample Drinking Water SOCs and IOCs

Appendix 7 Secondary MCLs for a Number of Substances

Appendix 8 Some Primary Drinking-Water Criteria

Appendix 9 Some Secondary Drinking-Water Criteria

Appendix 10 Physical Constants

Appendix 11 Conversion Factors

Background Prerequisites

The background prerequisites for this textbook are general chemistry, mathematics up to calculus, and fluid mechanics. In very few instances, an elementary knowledge of calculus is used, but mostly the mathematical treatment makes intensive use of algebra. In fluid mechanics, the only sophisticated topic used is the Reynolds transport theorem. Although this topic is covered in an undergraduate course in fluid mechanics, it was thought advantageous to review it here. The other background prerequisite is general chemistry. Environmental engineering students and civil engineering students, in particular, seem to be very weak in chemistry. This part will therefore also provide a review of this topic. Depending upon the state of knowledge of the students, however, this part may or may not be discussed. This state of knowledge may be ascertained by the instructor in the very first few days of the course, and he or she can tailor the discussions accordingly.

The contents of this "Background Prerequisites" section are not really physical-chemical treatment but just background knowledge to comfortably understand the method of approach used in the book. This book is analytical and therefore must require extensive use of the pertinent chemistry, mathematics, and fluid mechanics. This section contains two chapters: "Introduction" and "Background Chemistry and Fluid Mechanics."

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