Alkalinity Production And Associated Carbon Requirement

If the nitrification reactions are inspected (see the overall reaction, in particular, reproduced next), it will be found that bicarbonate alkalinity is needed:

1 + n,TT T+ m + nTT„ m + n„„ 2-7 m -5 -„ _2_NH4 + _ HC°3 + -y- C°2 + 20 O2

On the other hand, inspection of Table 15.2 for the half reaction of sewage as an electron donor reproduced as Equation (15.66) shows that bicarbonate alkalinity is produced from sewage.

^C!oH19NO3 + 25H2O ^ I-CO2 + 50NH+ + 50HCO3 + H + e" (15.66)

A good process design should consider accounting for alkalinity requirements and production.

Equation (15.65) portrays the requirement of alkalinity in nitrification. From this equation, the moles of alkalinity required per mole of nitrate nitrogen produced is m + n

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