First, I acknowledge Dr. Joseph L. Eckenrode, former Publisher, Environmental Science & Technology, Technomic Publishing Company, Inc. Dr. Eckenrode was very thorough in determining the quality, timeliness, and necessity of the manuscript. It was only when he was completely satisfied through the strict peer review process that he decided to negotiate for a contract to publish the book. Additionally, I acknowledge Brian Kenet and Sara Seltzer Kreisman at CRC Press.

This book was written during my tenure at Morgan State University. I acknowledge the administrators of this fine institution, in particular, Dr. Earl S. Richardson, President; Dr. Clara I. Adams, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Eugene M DeLoatch, Dean of the School of Engineering; and Dr. Reginald L. Amory, Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering. I make special mention of my colleague, Dr. Robert Johnson, who was the acting Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering when I came on board. I also acknowledge my colleagues in the department: Dr. Donald Helm, Prof. A. Bert Davy, Dr. Indranil Goswami, Dr. Jiang Li, Dr. Iheanyi Eronini, Dr. Gbekeloluwa B. Oguntimein, Prof. Charles Oluokun, and Prof. Neal Willoughby.

This acknowledgment would not be complete if I did not mention my advisor in doctoral studies and three of my former professors at the Asian Institute of Technology (A.I.T.) in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Bruce A. Bell was my advisor at the George Washington University where I earned my doctorate in Environmental-Civil Engineering. Dr. Roscoe F. Ward, Dr. Rolf T. Skrinde, and Prof. Mainwaring B. Pescod were my former professors at A.I.T., where I earned my Masters in Environmental-Civil Engineering.

I acknowledge and thank my wife, Gregoria, for contributing Chapter 2 (Constituents of Water and Wastewater) and Chapter 7 (Conventional Filtration). I also acknowledge my son, Roscoe, for contributing Chapter 17 (Disinfection). Gregoria also contributed a chapter on solid waste management when I wrote my first book Environmental Engineering: A Design Approach. This book was published by Prentice Hall and is being adopted as a textbook by several universities here and abroad. This book has been recommended as a material for review in obtaining the Diplomate in Environmental Engineering from the Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Lastly, I dedicate this book to members of my family: Gregoria, my wife; Roscoe and Arcadio Jr., my sons; the late Gaudiosa Pacquiao Sincero, my mother; Santiago Encarguiz Sincero, my father; and the late Aguido and the late Teodora Managase Alivio, my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, respectively. I also dedicate this book to my brother Meliton and to his wife Nena; to my sister Anelda and to her husband Isidro; to my other sister Feliza and to her husband Martin; and to my brother-in-law Col. Miguel M. Alivio, MD and to his wife Isabel. My thoughts also go to my other brothers-in-law: the late Tolentino and his late wife Mary, Maximino and his wife Juanita, Restituto and his wife Ignacia, the late Anselmo and his wife Silvina, and to my sisters-in-law: the late Basilides and her late husband Dr. Alfonso Madarang, Clarita and her late husband Elpidio Zamora, Luz and her husband Perpetuo Apale, and Estelita.

Arcadio P. Sincero

Morgan State University

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