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Data Entry Direct Summary

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Internal review should focus on the inventory implementation process to ensure that 1) activity data have been stratified appropriately by climate regions and soil types 2) management classifications descriptions have been applied appropriately 3) activity data have been properly transcribed into the worksheets or inventory computation software and 4) C stock change factors, reference soil C stocks, residue estimates (fuel load), and biomass burning combustion and emission factors have been assigned appropriately. Quality Assurance Quality Control measures may involve visual inspection as well as built-in program functions to check data entry and results. Summary statistics can also be helpful, such as summing areas by strata within worksheets to determine if they are consistent with land-use statistics. Total areas should remain constant over the inventory period, and areas by strata should only vary by land-use or management classification (climate and soil areas should remain...

Completeness Time series QAQC

Internal reviews should be conducted by the inventory compiler(s), and may involve visual inspection as well as built-in program functions to check data entry and results. Independent reviews are conducted by other agencies, experts or groups who are not directly involved with the compilation. These reviews need to consider the validity of the inventory approach, thoroughness of inventory documentation, methods explanation and overall transparency.

The BLUElink Global Regional Model OceanMAPS

The BLUElink Ocean Modelling, Analysis and Prediction System (OceanMAPS) is implemented at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) in Melbourne (Brassington 2010). It produces an analysis and 6-day forecast of ocean temperature, salinity, currents, sea surface height and mixed layer depth twice per week. Model output graphics are available from the BoM public website, and the model data itself is available to the RAN, and more generally for research purposes, from the BoM's 'Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services' (THREDDS) server, in Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) format.

Selected sites

Table 1 summaries site names, site locations and site altitudes (above sea-level). Table 1 also indicates the aerosol types that are expected to dominate at these sites. Furthermore given in Table 1 are seasons (by yearly quarters) and years, for which data are available. These data form the basis of the multi-year statistics.


After the field surveys the answers in the questionnaires were computerized. Data entry operators were contracted to enter the data using Microsoft Excel software, following a designed format. The data were then coded for statistical analysis using the SPSS software. In order to harmonize the local words used in the survey areas with what was recorded in English, the survey areas where revisited to get further explanations from farmers. After the analysis hypothesis were derived from the findings related to how farmers use local atmospheric indicators to forecast the onset of the 1st wet seasonal rains. The meteorological data set considered for this study included the period 1960 to 2003. Although some rainfall data were available in electronic medium, the majority of the data needed data entry, especially temperatures and winds. Daily temperatures, winds and rainfall data were entered using Excel spreadsheet software. Analysis of the computerized data revealed many gaps especially...

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