Titles in Preparation

Crop Stress Management and Global Climate Change Edited by Jose L. Araus and Gustavo A. Slafer

Cold Adaptation and Climate Change: a Mechanistic Perspective Edited by Ken Story and Karen Tanino


7 Multi-location Testing as a Tool to Identify Plant Response to

Global Climate Change 115

Hans-Joachim Braun, Gary Atlin and Thomas Payne

8 Genetic Approaches to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Increasing Carbon Capture and Decreasing Environmental Impact 139

Martin A.J. Parry and Malcom J. Hawkesford

Sustainable and Resource-conserving Technologies for Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Change

9 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the Main Cereal Systems: Rice,

Wheat and Maize 151

Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio, Reiner Wassmann, Bram Govaerts, Yasukazu Hosen, Nobuko Katayanagi and Nele Verhulst

10 How Conservation Agriculture Can Contribute to Buffering

Climate Change 177

Peter R. Hobbs and Bram Govaerts

11 Management of Resident Soil Microbial Community Structure and Function to Suppress Soilborne Disease Development 200

Mark Mazzola

New Tools for Enhancing Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

12 Biotechnology in Agriculture 219

Ryan Whitford, Michael Gilbert and Peter Langridge

13 GIS and Crop Simulation Modelling Applications in Climate

Change Research 245

David Hodson and Jeffrey White

14 Statistical Models for Studying and Understanding Genotype x Environment Interaction in an Era of Climate Change and

Increased Genetic Information 263

José Crossa, Juan Burgueno and Mateo Vargas

Index 285

The colour plates can be found following p. 16.

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