Mainly the ocean

Denny, M., 2008. How the Ocean Works: An Introduction to Oceanography. Princeton, N.J., Princeton Univ. Press. Discusses the ocean from a mechanistic point of view, including physical, chemical, and biological aspects.

An Open University Course Team, 1998. The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution. 2d ed. Oxford, U.K., Pergamon Press.

An Open University Course Team, 2001. Ocean Circulation. 2d ed. Oxford, U.K., Pergamon Press. The Open University has a series of books on various aspects of earth sciences written at the undergraduate level.

Pickard, G. L. & Emery, W. J., 1988. Descriptive Physical Oceanography: An Introduction. 5th ed. Oxford, U.K., Butterworth-Heinemann. A descriptive survey of the oceans, ocean basins, seawater, and circulation.

Knauss, J. A., 1997. Introduction to Physical Oceanography. 2d ed. Long Grove, Ill., Waveland Press. Covers some of the same ground as Pickard and Emery, but with more emphasis on the underlying physical principles and dynamics.

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