Vegetation Selection

Perennial water-tolerant grass is recommended for OF vegetation. The function of the grass is to provide a support medium for microorganisms, prevent channeling and erosion, ensure thin sheet flow, and allow for filtration and sedimentation of solids in the vegetative layer. Nutrient uptake is another role — less critical in most cases. The grass crop is harvested usually three or more times per season and is sold for hay or green chop. A mixture of grasses is recommended, and the mixture should include warm season and cool season species. Warm season grasses that have been used successfully include common and coastal Bermuda grass, dallis grass, and bahia grass. Cool season grasses include reed canary grass, tall fescue, redtop, Kentucky bluegrass, and orchard grass. Some grasses such as reed canary require a nurse crop (such as rye grass) for a year or two before they become well established. Local agricultural advisers should be consulted for the best mix of grasses for the particular site.

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