Terrestrial Treatment Units Design Features and Performance


Slow rate

Soil aquifer treatment Secondary, AWT, or None groundwater recharge

Overland flow

Secondary, nitrogen removal Warmer seasons

Typical Criteria

Treatment Goals Climate Needs Vegetation

Secondary or AWT Warmer seasons Yes

57-700; 23-280

Hydraulic Loading (ft/yr; m/yr)

Effluent Characteristics (mg/L)

BOD, <2 TSS,<2 TN, <3b TP, <0.1 FC, 0c BOD, 5 TSS, 2 TN, 10 TP, <1d FC, 10 BOD, 10 TSS, 10e TN, <10

On-site Secondary to tertiary None No Not applicable for a flow of 1 mgd (3785 m3/d). Size of bed and performance depend on the preliminary treatment level. See Chapter 10.

a For design flow of 1 mgd (3785 m3/d). b Nitrogen removal depends on type of crop and management. c Number/100 mL.

d Measured in immediate vicinity of basin; increased removal with longer travel distance. e Total suspended solids depends in part on type of wastewater applied.

Note: AWT, advanced water treatment; BOD, biological oxygen demand; FC, fecal coliform; TSS, total suspended solids; TN, total nitrogen.

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