TABLE 424 Ashbrook Lagoon SBR Quincy Washington

2000/2003 Average

Flow (mgd) 0.78 Influent:

Source: Burnett, C.H. et al., Ammonia Removal in Large Aerated Lagoons, paper presented at WEFTEC Annual Meeting, Water Environment Federation, New Orleans, LA, October, 2004.

lagoon in Laurelville, Ohio, and other locations in Canada. Performance data are shown in Table 4.25, and an example of the AquaMat® process is shown in Figure 4.35.

The Moving Bed™ Biofilm Reactor (MBBR™) is marketed by Kaldnes North America, Inc. (Providence, RI). The process is similar to the AquaMat® process except that thousands of small polyethylene wheels, as shown in Figure 4.36, are suspended in the lagoon. A sufficient number of these wheels provides adequate surface area for the growth of nitrifiers. An aerated lagoon in Johnstown, Colorado, has been successfully upgraded using the MBBRTM process.

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