Soil Characteristics in Field Investigations



Percent gravel, sand, fines (estimate) Influences permeability, pollutant retention

Soil textural class Soil color Plasticity of fines Stratigraphy and structure Wetness and consistency

Influences permeability

Indication of seasonal high groundwater, soil minerals Permeability, influence on cut or fill earthwork Ability to move water vertically and laterally Drainage characteristics site. If generally uniform conditions prevail, medium to large systems might have one boring for every 5 to 10 ac (2 to 4 ha). Small systems (<12 ac, or 5 ha) should consider three borings as a minimum spaced over the entire site.

All of the parameters listed in Table 2.14 can be observed or estimated directly in the field by experienced personnel. This preliminary field identification serves to confirm or modify the published soils data obtained during the map survey phase. Laboratory tests with reserved samples are used to confirm field identification and provide criteria for design.

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