Site Evaluation

Site evaluation criteria for wetlands and other natural systems are given in Chapter 2 of this manual. The ideal site for a wetland would be within a reasonable distance from the wastewater sources and at an elevation permitting gravity flow to the wetland, between the wetland cells, and to the final discharge point. The site would be available at a reasonable cost, would not require extensive clearing or earthwork for construction, would have a deep nonsensitive groundwater table, and would contain subsoils that, when compacted, would provide a suitable liner. Any divergence from these ideal characteristics will result in increased project costs. The possible future expansion of the system should also be given consideration during the planning and site evaluation effort. The 56-ac (23-ha) FWS wetland system in West Jackson County, Mississippi, was constructed in 1990/1991 with a design capacity of 1.6 mgd. Because of rapid community growth it was necessary to expand the system capacity to 4 mgd with 50 ac (20.2 ha) of new wetland construction in 1997/1998. This expansion was possible because sufficient land was available adjacent to the original wetland system.

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