Setback Recommendations for Biosolids Systems

Setback Distance (ft)

Suitable Activities


Biosolids injection, and only near remote single dwellings, small ponds,

10-yr high water mark for streams, roads; no surface applications Injection or surface application near all of the above, plus springs and water supply wells; injection only near high-density residential developments Injection or surface application at all of the above



Source: USEPA, Process Design Manual: Land Application of Municipal Sludge, EPA 625/1-83016, CERI, Cincinnati, OH, 1983.

have little concern with deep groundwater tables but might still be affected by near-surface seasonally high groundwater. Evidence of seasonal groundwater may be observed in the test pits; water levels should be observed in any borings and in any existing wells on-site or on adjacent properties. These data can provide information on the general hydraulic gradient and flow direction for the area. These data are also necessary if groundwater mounding or underdrainage (as described in Chapter 3) are project concerns.

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