Maximum Depth of Frost Penetration and Potential Depth of Frozen Sludge


Bangor, Maine Concord, New Hampshire Hartford, Connecticut Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Duluth, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Montreal, Quebec

Maximum Frost Penetration (cm)

183 152 124 97 122 206 190 203

Potential Depth of Frozen Sludge (cm)

221 166 11l l0 113 261 233 256

latitude and will include most of the northern half of the United States, with the exception of the west coast; however, sludge freezing will not be cost effective if only one or two layers can be frozen in the design year. A maximum frost penetration of about 39 in. (100 cm) would allow sludge freezing for a total depth of 30 in. (75 cm). The process should be cost effective at that stage, depending on land and construction costs. The results of calculations using Equation 9.4 are plotted in Figure 9.1, which indicate the potential depth of sludge that could be frozen at all locations in the United States. This figure or Equation 9.3 can be

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