Land Use and Economic Factors for Land Application of Wastewater

Condition Rating Value

Distance from wastewater source (km)

>16 1 Elevation difference from wastewater source (m)

15-60 3

>200 1 Land use, existing or planned

Industrial 0

High density, residential or urban 0

Low density, residential or urban 1

Agricultural, or open space, for agricultural SR or OF 4 Forested:

For forested sites 4

For agricultural SR or OF 1 Land cost and management

No land cost, farmer or forest company management 5

Land purchased, farmer or forest company management 3

Land purchased, operated by industry or city 1

Note: SR, slow rate; OF, overland flow.

potential biosolids application site. These combinations produce the following ranges:

Agricultural Reclamation Type B Low suitability <10 <10 <5

Moderate suitability 10-20 10-20 5-15

High suitability 20-35 20-35 15-25

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