Land Requirements

The field area (basin bottoms) for an SAT system can be calculated using Equation 8.15:


Lw = Hydraulic loading rate(ft/yr; m/yr).

The limiting design factor (LDF) for an SAT system must be determined by calculating the field area using Equation 8.15 and comparing that value to the field area required based on nitrogen or organic loading rates. The field area based on nitrogen or organic loading rates is calculated using Equation 8.16:


A =

Field area (ac; ha).

8.34 =

Conversion factor.

C =

Concentration of nitrogen or BOD (mg/L)

Q =

Flow (mgd; m3/d).

L =

Limiting loading rate (lb/ac-d; kg/ha-d).

In addition to the field area, land requirements for an SAT system include basin side slopes, berms, access roads, and land for preapplication treatment.

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