Free Water Surface Constructed Wetlands

Constructed wetlands are typically designed to receive primary or secondary effluent, to produce an advanced secondary effluent, and to operate year-round in moderately cold climates. The detention time is assumed to be 7 days, the depth is 1 ft (0.3 m), and the organic loading is <89 lb/ac-d (<100 kg/ha-d). The expected effluent quality is BOD = 10 mg/L, TSS = 10 mg/L, total N < 10 mg/L (during warm weather), and P > 5 mg/L. The estimated site area given in Equation 2.6 does not include the area required for a preliminary treatment system before the wetland:

Site area for free water surface constructed wetland (ac; ha). factor (4.03 x 10-5, U.S. units; 4.31 x 10-3, metric). Design flow (gal/d; m3/d)

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