Food Processing Wastewater

Several existing FWS systems treat food-processing wastewater (O'Brien et al., 2002). The City of Gustine, California, has a FWS system that receives over 90% of its waste load from food-processing facilities (Crites, 1996). American Crystal Sugar uses primary clarification and anaerobic digestion prior to their 158-acre constructed wetland of sugar beet refinery wastewater in Hillsboro, North Dakota, and another 160-acre wetland at Drayton, North Dakota. At Connell, Washington, a three-stage wetland system is used to treat potato processing wastewater prior to land application (O'Brien et al., 2002). The wetland system consists of a 24-acre FWS wetlands, a 10-acre SSF wetland that nitrifies, and a 5-acre FWS wetland that denitrifies. The 1.4-mgd system produces a 67% removal of total nitrogen from 134 mg/L down to 44 mg/L (O'Brien et al., 2002).

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