Design Features and Expected Performance for Three Types of Wetlands


Treatment Goals Needs

Natural marshes Polishing, AWT with Warm secondary input

Constructed wetlands:

Free water surface Secondary to AWT

Subsurface flow Secondary to AWT



Typical Criteria

Climate Detention


Depth Organic Loading

90; 100

180; 200

535; 600

Note: AWT, advanced water treatment; BOD, biological oxygen demand; TSS, total suspended solids; TN, total nitrogen. Source: Data from Banks and Davis (1983), Middlebrooks et al. (1981), and Reed et al. (1984).

Effluent Characteristics (mg/L)

BOD, 5-10 TSS,5-15 TN, 5-10 BOD, 5-40 TSS,5-20 TN, 5-10

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