BOD and TSS Removal

Typical values of BOD loadings and BOD removals for SAT systems are presented in Table 8.15. Suspended solids are typically 1 to 2 mg/L in the percolate from SAT systems as a result of filtration through the soil profile. BOD loadings on industrial SAT systems range from 100 to 600 lb/ac-d (112 to 667 kg/ha-d). BOD loadings beyond 300 lb/ac-d (336 kg/ha-d) require careful management to avoid odor production. Suspended solids loadings of 100 to 200 lb/ac-d (112 to 224 kg/ha-d) or more require frequent disking or scarifying of the basin surface to avoid plugging of the soil. For example, a 150-lb/ac-d (168-kg/ha-d) loading of TSS at Hollister, California, required disking after each 3-week application/drying cycle (Pound et al., 1978).

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