Barley Straw

In 1980, a farmer observed that the accidental addition of barley straw to a lake reduced the algae concentration. Allowing barley straw to decompose in ponds has been proposed as a means of controlling algae growth in ponds. Details regarding the application of barley straw are provided in IACR-Centre for Aquatic Plant Management (1999). During decomposition, the chemicals listed in Table 5.18 are released to the water and inhibit the growth of algae (Everall and Lees, 1997). The acceptability of this method of algae control by regulatory agencies has not been resolved.

FIGURE 5.8 Photograph of shading for algae control at Naturita, Colorado. (R.H. Bowman, West Slope Unit Leader, Water Quality Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, personal communication, 2000.)

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