Aquifer Transmissivity

The transmissivity of an aquifer is the product of the permeability of the material and the saturated thickness of the aquifer. In effect, it represents the ability of a unit width of the aquifer to transmit water. The volume of water moving through this unit width can be calculated using Equation 3.5:

where q = Volume of water moving through aquifer (ft3/d; m3/d). b = Depth of saturated thickness of aquifer (ft; m). w = Width of aquifer, for unit width w = 1 ft (1 m). AH/AL = Hydraulic gradient (ft/ft; m/m).

In many situations, well pumping tests are used to define aquifer properties. The transmissivity of the aquifer can be estimated using pumping rate and draw-down data from well tests (Bouwer, 1978; USDOI, 1978).

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