1. There are numerous references, amongst which is The Halley Lecture delivered on 31 May 1929 and entitled 'Some Problems of Indian Meteorology'.

2. Numerous texts cover ENSO, including Glantz et al. (1991).

3. An authoritative overview is given in: Anderson et al. (1998).

4. See details on the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment web site-

6. For a more detailed explanation see Glantz et al. (1991).

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8. See Graham R.J. et al. (2000), and other articles in the same Special Edition on PROVOST of the Quart. J. R. Meteor. Soc.

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10. For details see the Global Data-processing System pages, in the World Weather Watch area of the World Meteorological Organisation web pages at - follow 'Verification systems for Long-range forecasts'.

11. On, follow ^ Foresight 1999-2002 ^ Food Chain & Crops for Industry, for details. Copies of the report are also available from World Meteorological Organisation WCP CLIPS Project Office.

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17. See: Report by Galem,O., to the CLIPS Working Group, March 2001. Available from the World Meteorological Office WCP CLIPS Project Office.

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