M. JAMES SALINGER / Increasing Climate Variability and Change: Reducing the

Vulnerability. Guest Editorial 1

M. JARRAUD / Foreword 5

M. JAMES SALINGER / Climate Variability and Change: Past, Present and Future - An

Overview 9

M. V. K. SIVAKUMAR, H. P. DAS and O. BRUNINI / Impacts of Present and Future Climate Variability and Change on Agriculture and Forestry in the Arid and Semi-Arid Tropics 31

YANXIA ZHAO, CHUNYI WANG, SHILI WANG and LOURDES V. TIBIG / Impacts of Present and Future Climate Variability on Agriculture and Forestry in the Humid and Sub-Humid Tropics 73

GIANPIERO MARACCHI, OLEG SIROTENKO and MARCO BINDI / Impacts of Present and Future Climate Variability on Agriculture and Forestry in the Temperate Regions: Europe 117

RAYMOND P. MOTHA and WOLFGANG BAIER / Impacts of Present and Future Climate Change and Climate Variability on Agriculture in the Temperate Regions: North America 137

WILLIAM EASTERLING and MICHAEL APPS / Assessing the Consequences of

Climate Change for Food and Forest Resources: A View from the IPCC 165

IAN BURTON and BO LIM / Achieving Adequate Adaptation in Agriculture 191

MIKE HARRISON / The Development of Seasonal and Inter-Annual Climate

Forecasting 201

HOLGER MEINKE and ROGER C. STONE / Seasonal and Inter-Annual Climate Forecasting: The New Tool for Increasing Preparedness to Climate Variability and Change in Agricultural Planning and Operations 221

C. J. STIGTER, ZHENG DAWEI, L. O. Z. ONYEWOTU and MEI XURONG / Using Traditional Methods and Indigenous Technologies for Coping with Climate Variability 255

DON C. MACIVER and ELAINE WHEATON / Tomorrow's Forests: Adapting to a

Changing Climate 273

R. L. DESJARDINS, W. SMITH, B. GRANT, C. CAMPBELL and R. RIZNEK / Management Strategies to Sequester Carbon in Agricultural Soils and to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions 283

MOHAMMED BOULAHYA, MACOL STEWART CERDA, MARION PRATT and KELLY SPONBERG / Climate, Communications, and Innovative Technologies: Potential Impacts and Sustainability of New Radio and Internet Linkages in Rural African Communities 299

SUE WALKER / Role of Education and Training in Agricultural Meteorology to Reduce

Vulnerability to Climate Variability 311

VICTORINE PERARNAUD, BERNARD SEGUIN, ERIC MALEZIEUX, MICHEL DEQUE and DENIS LOUSTAU / Agrometeorological Research and Applications Needed to Prepare Agriculture and Forestry to 21st Century Climate Change 319

M. J. SALINGER, M. V. K. SIVAKUMAR and R. MOTHA / Reducing Vulnerability of Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Variability and Change: Workshop Summary and Recommendations 341

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