Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Selected LTER Sites at Multiple Timescales

Introductory Overview 391

David Greenland and Douglas G. Goodin

19 Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at the H. J. Andrews Long-Term Ecological Research Site 393

David Greenland, Frederick Bierlmaier, Mark Harmon, Julia Jones, Arthur McKee, Joseph Means, Frederick J. Swanson, and Cathy Whitlock

20 Climate Variability in Tallgrass Prairie at Multiple Timescales: Konza Prairie Biological Station 411

Douglas G. Goodin, Philip A. Fay, and Maurice J. McHugh

21 Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response—Synthesis 425

David Greenland, Douglas G. Goodin, Raymond C. Smith, and Frederick J. Swanson

Index 451

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