Short Term Climate Events

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Introductory Overview 23

David Greenland

2 Hurricane Impacts in New England and Puerto Rico 25

Emery R. Boose

3 Drought Impacts on Tree Growth and Mortality of Southern Appalachian Forests 43

Brian D. Kloeppel, Barton D. Clinton, James M. Vose, and Aaron R. Cooper

4 Climate Variability in the North Central Region: Characterizing Drought Severity Patterns 56

Stuart H. Gage

5 Climate Forcing at the Arctic LTER Site 74

John E. Hobbie, Neil Bettez, Linda A. Deegan, James A. Laundre, Sally Maclntyre, Steven Oberbauer, W. John O'Brien, Gaius Shaver, and Karie Slavik

Short-Term Climatic Events—Synthesis 92

David Greenland

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