The Interdecadal Timescale

Introductory Overview 209

Douglas G. Goodin

11 Interdecadal-Scale Variability: An Assessment of LTER Climate Data 213

Maurice J. McHugh and Douglas G. Goodin

12 A 200-Year Perspective of Climate Variability and the Response of White Spruce in Interior Alaska 226

Glenn Patrick Juday, Valerie Barber, Scott Rupp, John Zasada, and Martin Wilmking

13 Decadal Climate Variation and Coho Salmon Catch 251

David Greenland

14 Decadal and Century-Long Changes in Storminess at Long-Term Ecological Research Sites 262

Bruce P. Hayden and Nils R. Hayden

15 Multidecadal Drought Cycles in South-Central New Mexico: Patterns and Consequences 286

Bruce T. Milne, Douglas I. Moore, Julio L. Betancourt, James A. Parks, Thomas W. Swetnam, Robert R. Parmenter, and William T. Pockman

The Interdecadal Timescale—Synthesis 308

Douglas G. Goodin and Maurice J. McHugh

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