Database Description Used for Analysis

A database containing crop production statistics and climate data was compiled and organized by members of the USDA Regional Committee (NC94) under the project title "Climate and Agricultural Landscape Productivity Analysis and Assessment." The NC94 committee developed a meteorological database, a database on historical crop productivity, and a soils database for the NCR. The objective of developing these databases was to provide research communities with the ability to map and link annual crop production and monthly weather and soil variables to gain knowledge of the temporal and spatial characteristics of crop production in the region and the effects that climate has on regulating patterns of crop production. The climate database of daily observations associated with each of the 1055 counties in the NCR was constructed to enable the development of predictive models of major row crops in the region. A climate database was developed as part of a long-term study to characterize patterns of climate so that the patterns could be used to investigate linkages to agricultural productivity in the states that comprise the Corn Belt.

The meteorological database consists of daily weather records for a 20-year time period at 1055 locations in the NCR. Daily meteorological data are maximum and minimum temperatures and total precipitation. This contiguous database is composed of interpolated measurements of maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation based on National Weather Service (NWS) cooperative observation network in the region for the period 1972-1991. This climate database contains over 7 million records.

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