Let us talk about your research field What are the big unsolved problems that you want to tackle the coming years

That is maybe not as spectacular as you would think. As a director of an institute, I am not completely free in my choice what to do. There is also some long term strategy, I am part of. But this is fine, I am responsible for a lot of people and I think their work should be coordinated in a neat way. But in the coming time, I want to concentrate on mainly two topics.

The first one is a scientific one. I want to investigate how different kind of storms develop in different regions. How did they develop in the past? What is their impact on the coastal waters in different sea areas? What can we predict for the future?

The storms I have in mind are our local storms here, plus polar lows, typhoons and mesoscale storms in the Mediterranean. I decided not to include hurricanes since this topic is so controversial from a political point of view that you cannot work on it without being heavily involved in these political aspects. You know, there is this strange correlation: if you claim that the number of hurricanes is not increasing you automatically support the war in Iraq and vice versa. This is this ''postnormal science''. Hurricanes play a key role in convincing the people in the US that climate change and global warming are real and that something needs to be done about that.

We investigate typhoons in Asia instead, this topic is less preoccupied. But: by no means less relevant—maybe you remember the flood in Myanmar 2008: 100,000 victims of a storm that even was predicted. There are huge risks related to these typhoons which are maybe not always recognized here.

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