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tte main objective ofWAMIS is to provide a dedicated web server for disseminating agrometeorological products issued by WMO members. By providing a central location for agrometeorological information, WAMIS will aid users to quickly and easily evaluate the various bulletins and gain insight into improving their own bulletins. tte web site will also host training modules to further help Members improve the quality and presentation of their agrometeorological bulletins.

- Dedicated WMO Web server for AgroMeteorology in WMO

- ttree sites including two mirror sites: USDA(USA) / KMA (Korea)/BMC (Italy)

- Demonstration of sharing Bulletins among member countries

- Cyber tutorials are available, with continued development

- Diverse languages are being used

- Large gaps among countries in contents and technologies employed

- Rare standard format or style between bulletins from different members

- Poor user-friendly interfaces

- No request/reply functions

- Limited information & materials available

- No archival in DBMS

• Requirements

- Extended elements, types, resolutions in time & space

- Successful case studies & pilot projects

- Cyber tutorials on applications

- Technical support on IT, tools, models, etc.

- Computer resources for DB, model operation

- Training/Education on advanced technologies

- Better communication frameworks

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