Tropical storms tornadoes and strong winds

In development planning in areas where wind catastrophes are limited, the wind climate can be most successfully used as a source of energy (e.g. Wisse and Stigter 2007). Agroforestry solutions will often do in wind protection under such conditions (Stigter et al. 2002). But south, southeast and east Asia are among the areas susceptible to hurricanes and typhoons, again with track areas that have to be used for agricultural production. Like floods they are among the highest relative intensities of natural disasters, and wind calamities are often occurring in combination with floods (Viet 2002). However, floods are getting much more attention than winds in planning for coping with damage due to cyclones, due to higher vulnerability to floods in most instances, with forests as an exception (Viet 2002). ttis is in line with little attention for damage to buildings in wind disasters in Africa (e.g. Wisse and Stigter 2007), but Dhameja gives several pages in Sahni and Ariyaban-du (2003) of points that are of importance for constructions that may be exposed to cyclones.

Tropical cyclone warnings are issued with certain limitations, tte ranges of intensity, size and path of the tropical cyclone are so large that each storm must for the forecasting be carefully treated as an individual event. However, there are common elements of tropical cyclone structure, mechanism and life cycle and there is some regularity in the seasonal variation of the track of the tropical cyclone, ttere-fore awareness among the public, government bodies and voluntary organizations of such behaviour of cyclones can allow them to take proper advantage of the warnings in the various forms of preparedness that we distinguished in the introduction. ttis development mainstreaming issue was dealt with by Mandal (2001).

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