Timely issuance

tte timing of the release of the climate forecast is critical for effective use of the forecast. Several country teams (Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland) found that timely issuance remains a key weakness in climate information systems, tte Mozambique team, for example, observed that at present the forecast is provided too late for planting decisions in parts of southern Mozambique (SADC-RRSU 2002). Other scientists have also stated that if the meteorologists are to respond to the needs of users they also need to meet the time requirements specified by the users. If the meteorologist takes time to understand the process of the users then they can ensure that the flow of weather information is also provided in a timely manner. ttis is a vital aspect of weather forecasts as the meteorological information is considered a "perishable" item i.e. today's weather forecast is of no use tomorrow (Walker 2001).

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