The Andes ofPeru andBolivia

In the agropastoral system in the Andes ofPeru and Bolivia (Valdivia et al. 2004), the following are the identified management strategies, to manage climatic risks, maximize use of resources and achieve multiple goals (e.g. food-security, etc.):

• diversification,

- among crops, between crops and livestock, and non-agricultural

• access to forecasts and their use (even when there is limited use due to gaps/constraints),

• use oflocal knowledge systems,

• resilience /divestment in natural capital, and

- shortening the fallow fields

- not replenishing the soil

• livelihood strategies,

- specializing in production that secure markets (ex. potato)

- building buffers for bad years (ex. frieze-dried potato)

- linkages to markets (ex. sales of value added crops)

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