The Climate Change

tte effects of projected climate change on crop yields in the region are uncertain, tte effects include both positive and negative impacts as follows:

• tte changes in the number of humid months induced by the changes in precipitation and évapotranspiration could mean greater changes in the spatio-temporal distribution of agricultural systems.

• tte increase in the area of climate types described as semi-arid and sub-humid dry, implies greater risks of land degradation when inadequate agricultural practices are performed.

• In relation to temperature, the impacts are positive when it increases in a colder climate, as well as the fertilization with atmospheric CO2. In warmer climates the increase of temperature could be critical when the thermal stress increases and it accelerates the development cycles of crops. On the other hand, the in crease of night time temperatures implies an increase in respiratory losses and consequently diminished yields.

• With regard to precipitation, reduction in the arid, semi-arid, and sub-humid dry zones could reduce crop yields, while in the humid zones where excessive precipitation is the norm, a reduction in the amount of precipitation could be beneficial.

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