Technology Transfer

Training on the operational and application aspects of the system will occur through established institutions specializing in technology and information transfer. trough the WMO framework and the United Nations University, training and workshops will be provided in:

• EWS-Fire operations

• Basic understanding of fire danger and early warning

• Calculating FWI components

• Provision of FWI algorithms

• Developing and implementing decision-aids based on early warning to mitigate the impacts of fire through prevention, preparedness, detection, and fire response

• Involvement of local communities in the application of early warning information in wildland fire management (Community-Based Fire Management - CB-FiM), especially in wildfire prevention, and preparedness for coping with wildland fire disasters (including smoke pollution and public health)

As well, the EWS-Fire project will be promoted through presentations to land and forest fire managers at conferences, professional meetings, etc., and documents will be published on the EWS-Fire.

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