System Development

tte FDRS were developed by adapting components of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System, including the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System, to local vegetation, climate, and fire regime conditions. A smoke potential indicator was developed using the Drought Code (DC) of the FWI System. An ignition potential indicator was developed using the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC) of the FWI System. Historical hot spot analysis, grass moisture, and grass ignition studies were used to calibrate the FFMC to track the ability for grass fires to start and spread, tte Initial Spread Index (ISI) of the FWI System was used to develop a difficulty of control indicator for grassland fires, a fuel type that can exhibit high rates of spread and fire intensity. To provide early warning, the FDRS identifies classes of increasing fire danger as the FFMC, DC, and ISI approach key threshold values, which were defined through several calibration and validation studies.

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