tte sustainability of the EWS-Fire will be secured through the long-term scope of the research, operational and extension agendas of the participating organizations. All organizations have demonstrated and will continue to have an interest in a coordinated and collective approach in dedicated research and capacity building, notably through the existing and expanding networking activities, tte UNISDR Global Wildland Fire Network and the GOFC-GOLD Fire Implementation Team and associated Regional Networks will jointly work in:

• technology transfer and training for development of local expertise and capac-itybuilding in wildland fire management; and

• involvement of the United Nations University through the new partnership agreement signed on 7 October 2005 (GFMC is now functioning as an UNU Associated Institute).

tte anticipated sustainability of EWS-Fire can be illustrated through the case study below, which describes the development and operational implementation of new fire early warning systems at the regional, national and local levels in the fire prone areas of Southeast Asia.

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