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Drought is a pervasive natural hazard that is a normal part of the climate of virtually all countries. It should not be viewed as merely a physical phenomenon. Rather, drought is the result of interplay between a natural event and the demand placed on water and other natural resources by human-use systems, ttese systems can significantly exacerbate the impacts of drought through the unsustainable use of natural resources.

Numerous opportunities exist to mitigate the impacts of drought in the agricultural sector if appropriate management practices are adopted in a timely manner. Developing more comprehensive and integrated drought monitoring and early warning systems is an essential component of a more proactive, risk-based management system. However, equally important is an effective user-driven delivery system, the availability of helpful and efficient decision support tools, and the training of users on how to apply this information at critical decision points before and during the growing season, tte NDMC is directing an increasing share of its efforts toward these tasks, with the goal of reducing the vulnerability of the agricultural sector to future episodes of severe drought.

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