Stakeholder awarenesstraining

In some cases, the resource poor farmers are not aware of the availability of information that could be used in their decision-making, tte respondents indicated that there is a need for user/stakeholder training and awareness activities (SADC-RRSU 2002). Two countries found that the SARCOF regional forecast consensus process itself had key weaknesses relating to their ability to develop human resources in the region that would apply climate information effectively to the agricultural sector. For example, Botswana representatives observed that each year a different staff member attended SARCOF - something that neither the Botswana nor the Namibia team (who reiterated this concern) considered an effective capacity building strategy. Further, both teams identified weak dissemination of function and capacity down to the national (NEWU) level from SARCOF as a key concern (SADC-RRSU 2002).

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